Letters to the Editor

Boulder City’s future relies on ‘sense of community’

Living in the small community of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, just east of Kansas City, change was needed. Was it a bedroom community or independent, self-reliant community? Lee’s Summit changed. The “old guard” was reluctant, but later agreed the alternative was best for the community. It was a town with enough empty land to build a modern city.

Younger residents promoted change. The old guard resisted any change. They didn’t want malls within the city limits. They limited new construction. Change was bad and downtown main street became a cluster of antique malls and boarded-up buildings.

Demographics had changed. Restaurants failed. The city was dying and downtown merchants were its worst enemy. Empty buildings were common and those remaining open lacked viable customer interest. The old guard did not financially support the community they loved to death.

Boulder City is at a crossroad of change. Promote our tourist destination, or worse — depend upon the status quo of dying from shortsightedness and competition outside our city limits. The sales tax base and new residential/commercial outgrowth needs to be expanded around the city center.

Our community needs to rethink its relationship within Clark County. Upgrade our tourist status and (promote) Hoover Dam. Do not compete with Henderson. We will lose. Upgrade our infrastructure. Clean up our downtown. Change toward the new demographics of outside visitors.

Admit we are a tourist destination. Lake Mead and Hoover Dam are our international magnets. Help our hotels promote Boulder City. Become a destination from outside our city limits. Invest in our small-town appeal of storefronts and become a tourist destination. Promote the tourist bus lines with parking for several hours for visitors to browse downtown.

If Interstate 11 is a worry, make it an asset, not a liability. Only you can make Boulder City a destination. The highway feeds Las Vegas. Once we accept this obvious fact, change will come and sooner, than later is necessary.

Ray Eklund

Jacoby family appreciates support

The Jacoby family would like to reach out to all who have been so supportive during the past six months in your concern on Mike’s recovery. The cards, calls, prayers, child care, meals, hospital visits and communication from friends and acquaintances has been overwhelming and heartfelt. It is this small community that we love.

Nancy Jacoby

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