Letter to the Editor

Is asbestos truly reason for limiting off-road vehicles?

In response to Mark Reischman’s March 23 commentary on off-road vehicle use, I find it very disturbing that he uses asbestos to stifle our children’s opportunity to develop and grow with a wholesome choice. Mark and his wife moved into our neighborhood three years ago with no children. Personally, I think children teach us very valuable life experiences.

Immediately upon their arrival, our children started to be approached by the police and advised that Boulder City has an ordinance that does not permit the use of any motor vehicles within 1,000 feet of homes. This is reasonable request due to noise and dust.

This ordinance fails to allow them access to that 1,000 feet. We have easements in place for a practical option. Do they really have to find transport out of town for this activity?

The asbestos study for Interstate 11 found trace amounts well below the threshold in the area he is complaining about. What he fails to mention is the largest concentration of asbestos in the area is on Adams Boulevard next to Mitchell Elementary School and near the interchange at Hoover Dam Lodge.

Of the 20 complaints I have read from Mark and Valerie on record with the police department, none of them ever mention asbestos. (There are) only complaints that children are illegally using their vehicles in the area.

Police officers have been very understanding about the issue and have on several occasions suggested that we all meet to come up with a solution. Mark refuses.

I hate to see our children with fewer opportunities to grow happy and healthy. I’m also certain our police officers have much more important issues to deal with. In our 20 years in this location, this has never been an issue and is one of the reasons we moved here. We knew the normal activities in the area before we moved here.

James Parsons