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Kennedy’s assassination left lasting imprint

The goosebumps were there. So were the tears. And it didn’t matter one iota that what Fran and Ron Milne were talking about happened 50 years ago Friday.

Neither mass deportations, nor mass citizenship

When it comes to fixing our nation’s illegal immigration problem, we face two serious problems: One is plugging the gaping holes on the enforcement side; the other is figuring out what to do with those who are already here in the U.S. illegally, many of whom have been our neighbors, friends and co-workers for many, many, years.

It’s time to abolish gun-free zones

Exactly how many more innocent, unarmed teachers and students need to be slaughtered on a school campus before people get angry enough to demand that the Nevada Legislature abolish these absolutely insane gun-free zones?

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Remember this number

When some deputy district attorney wants to taint the jury pool against someone suspected of defrauding worker’s injury insurance and so he invites a television station to come along to shoot footage when they are observing the suspect loading some furniture into a truck, it can be very easy to believe that such fraud is rampant.

Wake up, America! It’s the spending, stupid

So when all was said and done, the government reopened, Democrats got the gold mine, Gumby Republicans got egg on their face, and conservatives got the shaft. The more things change …

Intuition vs. information

When I was small I did not think there should be homework. Actually, I still feel that way. I analogized it to adults — when they came home from work, they read the paper and watched television. A dry cleaner didn’t spend evenings at home dry cleaning.

Huge victory for school choice … but not in Nevada

A gaggle of school voucher-haters — led by the Arizona School Boards Association and the Arizona teachers union — filed a lawsuit challenging the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Accounts program. Among other things, the voucher haters maintained that the voucher program violated the state’s constitution since the vouchers could be used in religious schools.

Perils of propaganda and presidents

During the Cold War, the U.S. government assembled a huge propaganda structure in its messianic efforts to combat communism behind the “iron curtain.” Voice of America and Radio Free Europe were the best known of these tools.

Smoking ban defeated without a vote

There may not have been a vote on the proposed smoking ban by the City Council on Tuesday night, but the defeat for the bill’s supporters was no less resounding.

Government has no business setting wages for private business

President Barack Obama recently declared that “no one who works full time in America should have to live in poverty.” His proposed solution is to “give” 15 million American workers a raise by increasing the federal government’s minimum wage.

Escalating from mistake to blunder

Last week a reporter for KLAS News in Las Vegas reported, “Vaccines have been debated for years in the medical field. While some doctors believe they are vital to a child’s health, other doctors believe in a more natural approach to disease prevention.”

War on lemonade stands comes to Reno

Since tarring and feathering tax collectors and other government bureaucrats is no longer considered an appropriate form of shame and humiliation, the question arises as to what to do with the Reno apparatchik who recently issued a citation to a pair of kids operating an “illegal” lemonade stand.

A lesson on how to cripple economic development

Recently one of my colleagues at our newspaper wrote a piece about the efforts of some Nevada beekeepers who are attempting to deal with neonicotinoid insecticides as a possible cause of honey bee colony collapse. The article had nothing to do with the University of Nevada, Reno, but one reader took the opportunity to post a comment about the campus:

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