Team behind Doodlebug is one to watch

I finally figured out what a Doodlebug is — sorta.

It’s most certainly not a bug that likes to doodle. Nor is it any type of insect or a person who draws absent-mindedly.

And I’m not even sure Doodlebugs actually exist, but they have a great support team nevertheless.

Each December, members of the Community Club of Boulder City present the Doodlebug Bazaar, a giant arts and crafts festival with a penchant for holiday gift givers. It’s those ladies and all their hard work that make the event such a success and something their fellow residents of Boulder City look forward to each year.

The club is a great group of ladies ranging in age from their 40s to their 90s who have one common goal: to make the city a better place for its residents.

Proceeds from their bazaar are donated to various charities in town and are earmarked especially to purchase new tables and chairs for the city’s recreational facilities, which get a lot of use. This year, the club members voted to double their regular donation so that more tables and chairs could be purchased.

I met with the Community Club last week as members gathered to celebrate another successful bazaar and plan for this year’s event, which marks its 40th anniversary.

There were smiles all around and everyone greeted one another as if they were long-lost friends, when the truth is they probably saw each other only days ago. Nary a frown was in sight.

Not only did they have time to chat and visit with each other, each woman was given a small gift just for coming. In reality, the gifts were just tokens of appreciation from President Linda Graham for their work in making the bazaar a success despite the challenge from the day’s extremely frigid temperatures. (Apparently this happens quite a bit.)

The day also served as a changing of the guard, so to speak. But instead of changing guards, they changed hats — literally. Committee heads wore hats with their job titles pinned on them, that were switched as the ladies accepted new duties. It was the most novel installation I’ve ever seen and probably one of my favorites, especially since I like to wear hats and have quite a collection.

The club meets once a month from September through April on the fourth Thursday (with the exception of November). Some of the gatherings are purely social and others offer information that can prove to be very valuable to area residents, both new and old.

For example, one recent guest speaker spoke about recycling. The club members learned that there are quite a few more items that can be included in the weekly recycling barrels than they thought.

The meetings also allow the members to showcase their talents, such as the plans for next month when Lynn Williams will offer a line-dancing lesson.

Dancing, donating and doodling. That sounds like a winning combination to me.

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