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‘New Coke’ rivals health care rollout

When it comes to colossal product launch flops, you’d be hard pressed to top the epic failure of New Coke. People perfectly content with “the real thing” had no interest whatsoever in the product despite a massive marketing and public relations campaign.

Gambling with gambling

Twenty-­four years ago, conservative columnist George Will wrote, “One state’s welfare is uniquely woven into gambling, but Nevada has an excuse: The silver was gone, the soil was lousy, and the would-­be divorcees were bored. After the Comstock Lode petered out, Nevada eventually discovered divorce as a way of making money. Nevada crushed the competition of a few other states in setting the shortest residency requirement, and then looked around for a new way to mine money from the law and found gambling. Now, one Nevada is kind of nice. But there is something sinister about more and more governments becoming more and more addicted to money from what was until recently considered a vice.”

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‘Conservageddon’ insurgency continues to gather steam

Although it will again be impossible for the GOP to gain a Republican majority in the state Assembly next year, the developing conservative uprising in Nevada — what I’ve been referring to as “Conservageddon” — could result in a new (and desperately needed) conservative majority in the Republican Assembly caucus.

Real story of Thanksgiving has good lessons

On this coming Thanksgiving holiday, I would be eternally grateful if our government-run education camps would teach the next generation of Americans the true story of Plymouth Rock rather than the romanticized fairy-tale version.

Nevada court allows anti-Mormon effort

A few days ago, the Nevada Supreme Court refused to intervene in a court case to correct a case of religious bigotry.

Kennedy’s assassination left lasting imprint

The goosebumps were there. So were the tears. And it didn’t matter one iota that what Fran and Ron Milne were talking about happened 50 years ago Friday.

Neither mass deportations, nor mass citizenship

When it comes to fixing our nation’s illegal immigration problem, we face two serious problems: One is plugging the gaping holes on the enforcement side; the other is figuring out what to do with those who are already here in the U.S. illegally, many of whom have been our neighbors, friends and co-workers for many, many, years.

It’s time to abolish gun-free zones

Exactly how many more innocent, unarmed teachers and students need to be slaughtered on a school campus before people get angry enough to demand that the Nevada Legislature abolish these absolutely insane gun-free zones?

Remember this number

When some deputy district attorney wants to taint the jury pool against someone suspected of defrauding worker’s injury insurance and so he invites a television station to come along to shoot footage when they are observing the suspect loading some furniture into a truck, it can be very easy to believe that such fraud is rampant.

Wake up, America! It’s the spending, stupid

So when all was said and done, the government reopened, Democrats got the gold mine, Gumby Republicans got egg on their face, and conservatives got the shaft. The more things change …

Intuition vs. information

When I was small I did not think there should be homework. Actually, I still feel that way. I analogized it to adults — when they came home from work, they read the paper and watched television. A dry cleaner didn’t spend evenings at home dry cleaning.

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