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Legislature deserves credit for regulation

When 2013 began, just eight states barred employers from prying into the credit records of their workers. That is no longer the case. Although I don’t yet have a full list of those who have joined this elite group, it is growing steadily, and in states where there is no prohibition, local governments are also enacting ordinances. In Congress, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has introduced legislation to put an end to the practice nationally.

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Obama’s twisted scheme hooks Americans on tobacco

Rick Geraci, commandant of the New Mexico Military Institute, recently put forward a bizarre argument for backing an Obama administration plan to raise the federal tax on cigarettes to fund a new universal preschool initiative: national security.

Centrist model gets scrutiny

Russ Nielsen, a great Nevada wire service reporter, once told me that if a journalist is being attacked by both sides, it’s a sign the journalist is doing the job right.

Hickey undermines efforts to elect conservatives

Nevada Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey, RINO-Reno, was a disaster as leader of his caucus in the 2013 legislative session primarily because of his hostility toward anything conservative, as well as his propensity to roll over and hope the Democrats would rub his widdle tummy every time a controversial bill or issue came up. When it comes to appeasement, this guy makes Neville Chamberlain look like a Mongolian general.

Alternate bypass route would save money, vistas

I was surprised by the absence of letters to the editor expressing concern or opposition to the proposed opening of sizable plots of city lands for economic development along the future Interstate 11 bypass of our city, such as at the junction of I-11 and U.S. Highway 95.

Being against now ranks as a political value

U.S. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic floor leader, last week got some attention for praising his colleague Rand Paul of Kentucky, a symbol of libertarian conservatism.

Tea party has been GOP’s savior, not albatross

The Republican Empire, led by Lord McConnell and Darth Boehner, isn’t taking primary challenges by tea party insurgents lying down, and an all-out intra-GOP war is breaking out.

Convention poses tough choices for GOP

The Nevada Republican Party is preparing a bid to bring the 2016 Republican National Convention to Las Vegas, and some party figures are concerned that the — how do I put this? — unconventional or non­traditional lifestyle of Nevada’s largest city could steer national GOP officials to a safer venue.

Sandoval’s policies could come back to bite him

Most of Nevada’s beleaguered taxpayers focus on the fact that Gov. Brian Sandoval broke his word not to raise taxes by not once, but twice raising the “temporary” tax increases approved in 2009; taxes that were supposed to “sunset” in 2011. But the governor also is responsible for another tax hike coming to Nevada e-shoppers everywhere on New Year’s Day.

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