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’Tis the season for change

To everything there is a season.

That phrase, from Ecclesiastes in the Bible and key to a 1950s’ song written by Pete Seeger, became part of pop culture when it was recorded by The Byrds.

I first became acquainted with the song when I was in elementary school. It was part of our “graduation ceremony” before moving on to junior high school. We practiced it over and over, and I grew to hate it. I would go so far as to change the station whenever it came on the radio.

But, as I have gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate the lyrics — taken practically word for word from the Bible — more.

I heard them in a different voice in a religious setting and the meaning behind them became clearer, especially when dealing with major life moments.

This week they seem especially appropriate. Although it’s not quite the new year, December brings a new season and a time for changes.

Some of those changes should be quite visible on the pages of the Boulder City Review today.

We are debuting a new look. It’s not a drastic change, just some minor modifications and renovations to make the pages easier to read and cleaner looking — a modern update if you will.

In the past year, we have been making slight changes here and there, adding features and altering others, all intended to make the Boulder City Review the best community newspaper it can be.

There’s no doubt that some things will work better than others. Or that we will continue to evolve to serve you better. And there’s no doubt that this was the right time and season for this change.

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No parade passes us by

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