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Unfortunately, evil is alive and well in the world

I wonder what another job would be like sometimes. I know this is my chosen profession, but every so often I hear some crazy conversation, and I can’t turn off the cop in me. While off duty, in parts unknown, I, like you, wear normal clothes. The majority of the time, the public at large has no idea about my chosen profession.

When I’m in a line at the grocery store, convenience store, the mall, or even the gym I hear amazing topics of discussion.

People speak of their family’s problems — drug problems, DUI arrest, or other issues. Oh sorry, I meant to say a good friend’s problem, a neighbor issue, unruly children, accidents and everything in between. The one thing all of these topics have in common is that 99.9 times out of 100 times they involve the police.

Not only do police officers have their own issues, they deal with everyone else’s issues too. Our job is the best in the world because we get to help people. I know this is not how some see it, but what can we do? By no means are police officers perfect, but the overwhelming majority of us do a real good job.

The basis for what I’m trying to say stems from the Boston incident. A 15-month veteran of the M.I.T. Campus Police, Sean A. Collier, 27, was killed. I see this officer’s picture (a kid) on the news and I can’t help but think, why? The only answer I can come up with is the word, EVIL, and it’s alive and well.

Let me not forget the other innocent children and adults who were killed or injured in Boston. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected in this tragedy. One more thing, God Bless America and those who protect it.

“Control, 269. I’ll be in-service with a working camera and audio.”

On April 21, it was a dark and stormy night. No, not really, but it was if you were drinking and driving. It seemed like everyone that night shift pulled over was DUI. What year is it? These are adults making these choices. Haven’t we learned anything? A total of three DUI arrests for alcohol and drugs were made tonight. Stop the nonsense people.

April 22, police officers get dispatched to a local motel in reference to a male subject running around with a crossbow. The known male subject has a lengthy criminal record. Sometimes things are not what they appear. Officers determine the call is unfounded. Be smart, do not run around outside with anything that may resemble a weapon. You may not like the ending.

On April 23, officers responded to a rollover collision on Bristlecone Drive, near Adams Boulevard. The young driver was careless and lost control of the vehicle. Thankfully, the driver was not injured, but did receive a citation for careless driving.

April 24, a driver was coming up U.S. Highway 93 and U.S. 95. The driver was no Mario Andretti; he got the car stuck in the sand when attempting to make a U-turn. The driver called police. Well, the driver did not think this through. A driver’s license check revealed the driver was driving with a revoked Nevada driver’s license. Hey, Henderson Municipal Jail, make room. One more coming for dinner.

On April 25, a burglary victim calls and says an unknown young female just ran out of her home on Birch Street. The unknown female dropped the computer when she was confronted by the home owner. Officers’ quick response located the juvenile female within a minute or two. The 14-year-old says it wasn’t her. Only problem, the young lady left her backpack in the home. The backpack had a cellphone. The cellphone had self-portraits of her. The juvenile was not happy for being charged with burglary.

April 26, a subject comes to the police department to register as a felon. Problem number one, he forgot his ID. So, upon learning that Nevada State requires an ID to register, the felon loses his cool. He pushes the lobby door, with a bit too much force. So much force, the door comes off its hinge and slams into the outdoor light fixture. The light fixture brakes and electrical wires are exposed. I bet you can tell me what happened next. Trust me, the subject was not happy and will now have to wait to register until he gets out of jail.

On April 27, officers get dispatched to U.S. 95 and Mile Marker 50 regarding a subject walking on the highway. Officers respond and find a subject heading to Laughlin. Problem number 1001, the subject had no water and its 95 degrees. The subject asked for a ride to BC, so they could get some water. The officer does one better. The subject is brought to the police department, given a couple of subs, water, a to-go bag and a bus pass. He was one happy camper.

Boulder City, as always, it was a pleasure having you ride shotgun. Until next week, put your cellphone away when you drive, don’t drink and drive, and please be safe.

Officer Jeffrey Grasso is a 10-year veteran of the Boulder City Police Department. He previously served as a police officer in south Florida for four years.

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