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Residents appear in court on drug-related charges

Three Boulder City residents arrested on drug-related charges appeared in court Tuesday at Boulder Township Justice Court.

Curtis Shafer, 34, was arrested Feb. 28 after police said he sold methamphetamine to an informant. Police then searched his house and found items believed to be stolen from an off-duty police officer, they said.

Shafer pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of possession of stolen property and disorderly conduct. Shafer’s attorney, Roger Harris, said Shafer has never been convicted of a felony, and asked Judge Victor Miller to sentence his client to 60 days in jail.

Miller sentenced Shafer to 25 days in jail for disorderly conduct, but said he was more concerned with the possession of stolen property and sentenced Shafer to 60 days in jail for the charge.

Dexter Fass, 29, was booked on charges of sexual assault against a minor younger than 16 and giving a controlled substance to a child, according to police. His bail was set at $300,000. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 8.

Brooke Kalastro, 41, was released Tuesday after being booked March 8 on one count of child abuse and 10 counts of using a controlled substance in the presence of a child. Miller released her on the condition that she live with her mother; Kalastro agreed to the terms.

Garry King, 62, who was booked Feb. 26 on charges of operating a marijuana grow house in his home, did not appear in court because of an illness. He was charged with sale of a controlled substance and transporting a controlled substance.

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