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Police Blotter

6:38 a.m., Sept. 15

A man called in to report excessive noise from a construction site behind his home on Cottonwood Street. Work is not supposed to begin until 7 a.m. The foreman on the site and the workers agreed to stop until 7 a.m. A truck with roofing material will have to remain in the roadway until work can resume.

11:17 a.m., Sept. 15

A concerned caller reported that a baby in a car seat was locked inside a vehicle. The mother of the child is beside the car and has arranged for her husband to bring her a key.

1:07 p.m., Sept. 15

A local citizen flagged down an officer to report a woman driving recklessly. The woman parked her car and ran upstairs. When contacted by the officer, the woman said she had the flu and the citizen could not positively identify her as the driver.

3:18 p.m., Sept. 15

A caller reported seeing a man digging holes in a field behind his home and thinks it is strange. The man, who has a dog with him, said he was looking for snakes.

8:41 a.m., Sept. 16

A bus driver reported that he has a problem with a person on the bus who is refusing to get off. After speaking with a police officer, the person got off the bus.

9:48 a.m., Sept. 16.

Officers are contact by a man about his neighbor, who the man believes might be getting abused by a possible roommate. The elderly male neighbor has been sleeping in his car. Additionally, loud music has been heard at the residence at 4 a.m. and there may have been some drug activity.

12:59 p.m., Sept. 16

A woman reported that is looked like someone tried to enter a building at the corner of Wyoming Avenue and Avenue B after discovering the air-conditioning vent cover open and the filter on the floor. Officers found no evidence that anyone gained access through the ceiling or air-conditioning vents.

6:07 p.m., Sept. 16

A woman reported that “buzzards” have been flying over a the yard of a home on Becky Lane two houses to the south of her for the past few days. The homeowner was contacted and knew about the situation.

8:56 p.m., Sept. 17

A woman contacted officers about a hit-and-run accident that left scrapes down the side of her car. The other driver’s car left the scene on a nearby dirt road. He was wearing a black baseball cap and had a German shepherd in the back seat. The man asked the woman not to call the police because he had no insurance.

9:08 a.m., Sept. 18

Officers received a call about a power line making “exploding” noises. There was no fire but sparks were flying.

2:31 p.m., Sept. 18.

A crossing guard was approached by a FedEx driver who said a man in a Volkswagen Beetle was attempting to get a young boy into the vehicle.

4:20 p.m., Sept. 18

A person contacted officers to report that things are missing from a home that the person is buying.

7:50 a.m., Sept. 19

Officers were contacted about a man walking on the highway between the U.S. Highway 95 exit and Veterans Memorial Drive. The man had no shoes or shirt. Officers contact the man, who said he is fine and heading to Colorado. He was given a ride to CVS/Pharmacy so he could purchase flip flops and a shirt.

11:02 a.m., Sept. 19.

Someone called to report five rams in a neighbor’s front yard. The rams were butting heads and being very aggressive.

8:34 a.m., Sept. 20

Someone called to report a man in boxer shorts on a moped in the water park. The man, who was wearing shorts, was warned about camping in the park.

10:38 a.m., Sept. 20

Officers received a call about a motorcycle on a bike path.

11:33 a.m., Sept. 20

Officers attempted to serve official papers to a woman. The woman, who was outside and saw the officers pull up, went inside the home, refused to answer the door and turned the music up so she couldn’t hear them.

5:44 a.m., Sept. 21

Officers received a call from a man who let someone stay at his house. When the overnight guest left in a hurry, the man noticed $400 missing from his wallet. Also missing were his son’s piggy bank, a video game and a pair of blue suede shoes.

9:19 a.m., Sept. 21.

Officers received a call about a man nicknamed “Crazy Dave” who was trying to sell drugs to those riding mountain bikes in Bootleg Canyon. The anonymous caller said this has been going on for about a week and that the man has been seen taking a shower at the gazebo bathrooms.

1:35 p.m., Sept. 21

A woman called to report an extension cord plugged into an outlet on her property. The cord leads to a neighbor’s home. Utility officers confirm that power was shut off to the neighbor’s home for nonpayment. The neighbor was cited for theft of utilities.

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