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Public Safety

Home, where those guards stand waiting silently for me

Welcome to our humble abode. While many folks come to visit only once, many more find this end as a means of life. The most interesting and intriguing aspect is the casualness and comfort criminal clan cliques have in our family’s home.

Small changes to diet, exercise rewarding

One of the nation’s top growing problems with health and wellness is the increasing population of unhealthy Americans. The nation has seen an increase in the number of doctors visits, hospitalizations, prescribed medications and deaths because of an overwhelming increase of overweight Americans. Many of the nation’s leading causes of illness and death are all rooted and associated with being overweight and out of shape.

Flash floods are dangerous

It’s that time of year again, when the dark storms start rolling across the sky. Lightning strikes and thunder echoes across the desert floor. It’s majestic and beautiful in a way that only nature can provide. However, spring and summer storms can be dangerous, and a source of powerful energy that can become a deadly force.

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A crime by any name is still a crime

The inspiration of our profession is tethered by a sense of duty. It matters not the names you call us; we will perform the essential obligations of our commitment. This engagement with the public presents us the orthodox ability to enhance the life of the public. What does all this mean?

Safety issues prompt closure of dry lake bed

The dry lake bed will be closed July 3-5 because of public safety officials’ growing concerns of safety issues and crowd control.

Police Blotter

June 24, 2:12 p.m.

Founders’ principles still treasured

Happy Birthday, America! Our Founding Fathers’ profound writings have stood the test of time. If you remember civics, history or American government classes, then you read (or memorized) the preamble to the United States Constitution:

Safety No. 1 priority for holiday

The Fourth of July is tomorrow, and the city will be filled with thousands of patriotic citizens and visitors out sharing a good time. Barbecues, the parade, family and friends gathering in the parks and a spectacular fireworks show are some of the time-honored traditions Boulder City has become famous for on the Fourth.

Police Blotter

June 17, 1:32 a.m.

Responsibility comes with each alcoholic drink

Pull up a chair. What are you drinking? What’s that? Sorry, didn’t catch that. Funny isn’t it? I’m not a gambler, but I bet most readers were thinking about a fermented beverage. With the proliferation of commercials, billboards and in-store advertising, how could we not be thinking of booze?

Police Blotter

JUNE 10, 9:18 A.M.

Watch out for serpents seeking refuge from summer sun

Rattle! Rattle! Is that a cute baby? What? I’m not talking about the baby; I’m talking about the snake. As the mercury rises, so do our encounters with the true indigenous residents of Clark County, Mr. and Mrs. Rattlesnake.

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