Man’s car stolen, rammed into police vehicle

The Metropolitan Police Department in Las Vegas is investigating a series of auto-theft accidents that resulted in the ramming of unmarked police cars, including one that took place in Boulder City.

Wayne Johnson was sleeping in his home on Elsa Way in the early morning of June 27 when someone stole his 2008 Ford Edge from his garage and drove it into an unmarked Metro police car, he said.

Johnson, a Boulder City resident since 1968, said whoever stole his car did so by using the garage opener in his truck that was parked outside of his home.

“We left the window down maybe a little too far because of the heat,” he said.

The suspect then stole his car and rammed it into an unmarked Metro police car about three blocks away, he said.

“They put a big rock on the accelerator and sent it sailing,” Johnson said.

It wasn’t until the police came to his house about 20 minutes later that he knew something was wrong. Along with his car, Johnson said some tools and a compressor had been stolen from his garage.

According to Metro spokeswoman Laura Meltzer, Las Vegas police have responded to three other similar incidents where a car was stolen and driven into a law enforcement vehicle.

The first accident occurred in April near the intersection of Galleria Drive and Westin Ridge Street in Henderson when someone stole a car and drove it into a car owned by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Meltzer said.

The second incident occurred June 18 near Valley View Boulevard and Arby Avenue, nine days before Johnson’s car was stolen. The latest one occurred Monday near the 215 Beltway and Windmill Avenue, Meltzer said.

“These have all been stolen vehicles that have been used to ram into unoccupied law enforcement vehicles,” Meltzer said. “It appears that the suspects are very prolific burglars.”

Police have not apprehended anyone in connection with the string of accidents, but their investigation continues.

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