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Clear-cut laws leave officers few options

You may remember Monty Hall, the host of “Let’s Make a Deal.” This ’70s game show provided contestants the opportunity to choose Door No. 1, Door No. 2 or Door No. 3 to win a prize. Regrettably, those door choices are not possible for many of the people we encounter in law enforcement.

It’s unfortunate, but usually when we make contact with subjects during our duties, it’s because of a problem. This problem requires our attention because someone called us or someone did something that caught our attention. In either case, when the need for enforcement arises, we have a limited menu selection. Trust me, this isn’t Hollywood.

You may know where Jimmy Hoffa is located, but that can’t help you. Our job requires us to make difficult decisions to maintain the status quo. I fully appreciate the influential spheres people are linked to, but the law has no friends, bosses or owners. The law’s application is rather simple and clear cut; and a solicitation to meet us can easily be accomplished by simple disobedience of the law.

We hope to meet and chat with everyone we can. However, we have a job to do, and criminals are keeping us pretty busy. I know we may come across strong sometimes, but with all the crazy stuff going on out there we never know who we’re going to meet. I guess once we can pinpoint what a criminal looks like 100 percent of the time, then we can put our guard down.

Many times information gets lost or clouded by a misunderstanding. And many do not realize how busy we really are. In a nutshell, the following is a synopsis of 2013 for Boulder City Police Department: total calls for service, 23,965; total incident reports, 1,752; total number of adult arrests, 852; total citations, 4,052. Yes, we were busy.

So, let’s get rolling, “Control, 269 I’ll be 10-8 with the Boulder City residents.” Hey what did you bring for lunch?

Jan. 12. Officers are dispatched to a disturbance. Officers learn a father bellowed at his son, telling him to turn down the volume on the TV while playing video games. The son had a momentary lapse of reason and I guess thought his dad was part of the game, pushing him to the ground. Reality set in for the son once officers put real handcuffs on.

Jan. 13. It was late at night and who was watching the red light at Veterans Memorial Drive anyway? Well, when the driver gets pulled over on U.S. Highway 93, just past the red light on Veterans Memorial Drive, he was sadly mistaken. Not only does he receive a few parting gifts from Boulder City’s finest, he also gets an all-inclusive night’s stay at Henderson Detention Center for having a few Henderson warrants.

Jan. 14. Officers respond to the Back Stop Sports Pub regarding a melee. Alcohol provided the impetus for numerous subjects’ liquid courage. The officers were able to separate the participants and begin issuing court invitations for disorderly conduct. Why is the number of alcoholic drinks always two?

Jan. 15. An officer stops a subject walking on Yucca Street at Nevada Way before getting in a trailer. The subject explains he’s staying in the trailer with two other subjects. Funny thing is the trailer is parked in an empty parking lot of an empty business. So, the officer runs the names of the other subjects in the humble abode. Bingo! One of the subjects has a warrant for possession of a stolen vehicle. Officer then knocks on the door; Mr. Wanted comes out. Sir, come take a walk with the officer, please.

Jan. 16. Officers get dispatched to a disturbance near Capri Drive regarding two subjects fighting. A man sitting on his balcony sees a younger man walk by. The younger man’s pants are “sagging”; his underwear is visible. The subject on the balcony, who was imbibing a beverage, yells something out. The young man’s retort challenges the malt drinker. The malt drinker comes down and punches the young man. The young man begins to go into his apartment to retrieve a rifle. We arrive and calm things down. Rocky gets a ride to Henderson.

Jan. 17. Officers get dispatched to Fairway Drive regarding a possible juvenile disturbance. Officers arrive and begin to knock. The kids don’t realize the officer at the rear of the house can see right through the rear glass doors. Officers watch a male subject hold a female preventing her from opening the front door. After officers get inside, another young buck challenges an officer. About 14 juveniles are cited for minor in consumption, and the two young adults get arrested for obstructing officers. The party is over.

Jan. 18. A subject parks near Irene Drive, walks over and takes pictures of a parked police vehicle. Officers make contact with the subject, who claims to be a star gazer and he likes taking pictures of the stars. The driver is told a good night star picture spot is Veterans Memorial Park. However, the subject gets in the car and drives out of town.

What a week. This is the best job in the world; every day is a gift. I hope to see all of you next week.

Officer Jeffrey Grasso is a 10-year veteran of the Boulder City Police Department. He previously served as a police officer in south Florida for four years.

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