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Chuck Muth

Politicians lie, but tax pledge numbers don’t

Liberals and Republicans in Name Only hate the Taxpayer Protection Pledge with, as Diane Chambers once put it on “Cheers,” “the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns.” And there’s a very good reason for that.

Governor at fault for limited time to study budget

Freshman Republican Assemblymen Erv Nelson and Chris Edwards appeared on a local PBS community affairs television show recently and advocated for annual sessions of the Nevada Legislature.

Vouchers will end government’s education monopoly

About the only thing Republicans did right in the 2015 legislative session was to place a stake squarely over the heart of Nevada’s failure factories and took the first big whack at the public school monopoly that has been killing the futures of so many of our children for so many years.

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Tax hike fight not over until ‘We Decide’

Government-lovin’ tax hikers in Nevada shouldn’t be doing the Snoopy dance just yet. As fictional Sen. John “Bluto” Blutarsky of “Animal House” famously put it, “Nothing’s over until we decide it is.”

Fossil fuels provide dependable power

When it comes to energy, windmills are useless when there’s no wind, solar is useless when there’s no sun, and hydro is useless when there’s no water — a condition Nevadans were recently warned about again thanks to the ongoing drought.

Charlie Brown Republicans fooled again

Before there was SpongeBob SquarePants, we old geezers marveled at what a knucklehead Charlie Brown was for falling for the ol’ yank-the-football-away-at-the-last-minute trick perpetrated by that little tyrant, Lucy.

Campus carry law shot down again

The GOP’s historic takeover of the Nevada Legislature should have meant, at the very least, a budget without tax hikes and passage of gun rights bills that have been bottled up by anti-gun Democrats for years.

Do you see the ‘ideological infidel’? I do

One of my favorite Ronald Reagan quotes is this one: “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant; it’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

Initiative would close tax-hike loophole

It’s a law of human nature. If you give students a week to complete a term paper, they will take the full week to complete the term paper. If you give those same students a month, they’ll take the full month.

Goofs, goons deterrent bill long overdue

It was 22 years ago this month. A couple from California was visiting Las Vegas. They walked near a union picket line in front of the then-Frontier Hotel. Crazed picketers launched into a verbal assault on the couple. When the woman took offense, she was punched in the face. When her husband came to her defense, he had a beer mug smashed across his skull.

Citizens needed to ax tax now

In case you’re still not sure whether Gov. Brian Sandoval’s billion-dollar giga-tax hike is not only a bad idea but completely unnecessary, conservatives in the state Assembly have removed all doubt.

Discovery about power bill’s high cost is shocking

When it comes to electricity generation and transmission, I don’t know a kilowatt from J.J. Watt. But I do know this: If the government gets involved, someone’s going to get shocked.

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