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Chuck Muth

Ronald Reagan was delusional!

In a recent MuthsTruths.com blog post, I wrote that conservatives in Nevada should put a slate of conservative GOP candidates together to challenge Gov. Brian Sandoval (R&R Partners) and the establishment slate of moderate Republican candidates he’s assembling for the six constitutional offices next year. That elicited this overwrought email from a longtime Republican activist in Las Vegas:

Nevada Republicans have now come full circle

In 2008 it was the GOP establishment in Nevada that generally treated the Ron Paul people like lepers. But the lepers got organized and fought back, gaining operational control of the party in the 2012 election cycle.

Applying the rules of holes to immigration debate

The fight over “comprehensive” immigration reform in Congress isn’t so much between Democrats and Republicans as it is between conservatives and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

We are NOT a nation of immigrants

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of hearing the cliché that we’re “a nation of immigrants.”

The Latest
Raising taxes is what weak and lazy politicians do

Democrats love tax hikes because they mean more money for government to do more things. Conservatives loathe tax hikes because they mean more money for government to do more things.

California schemers urge eminent domain abuse

As Nevada citizens are well aware, an awful lot of really bad liberal public policy ideas come out of our neighboring state to the west. Indeed, they don’t call California the “land of fruits and nuts” for nuthin’.

Sandoval launches ‘Big Lie’ re-election campaign

The “Big Lie” is a propaganda technique embraced by the communists in which the offending party tells a whopper so “colossal” that the public would refuse to believe anyone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

Another unbelievable Assembly GOP epic fail

As someone who has been chronicling and documenting the GOP’s habit of never blowing an opportunity to blow an opportunity for more than 20 years , even I was stunned at how Assembly Republicans choked on a slam-dunk opportunity in the final week of the 2013 Nevada legislative session.

Dr. Jekyll and Assemblywoman Hyde

You can count the number of philosophical, as opposed to rhetorical, conservatives serving in this year’s Nevada Legislature on one hand. Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R-Las Vegas) is one of them.

Sacrificing Fourth Amendment on altar of popular opinion

The Assembly Judiciary Committee has voted to send to the floor Senate Bill 243, the Guilty-Until-Proven-Innocent bill. What this bill allows the government to do is take a sample of your DNA upon any arrest for an alleged felony offense.

Only one anti-Internet tax camp in all of Carson City

Turns out there’s only one elected representative in the entire Nevada Legislature who got the Internet tax issue (SJR5) correct. Every other legislator voted to force out-of-state companies to suck “use” taxes (since you intend to “use” the product in your home state) out of your pocket for online purchases despite myriad reasons not to do so.

GOP Dirty Half- Dozen Gang and the great Nevada mine robbery

Perhaps not since Benedict Arnold sold out the American patriot movement have we seen such a betrayal as that of Republican state Sen. Mike Roberson to all that’s held dear by the Nevada conservative movement this legislative session.

Artful Dodger strikes again; time for Lean 15 to mount up!

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval broke his word in the last legislative session and decided to extend some $600 million worth of “temporary” tax hikes passed in 2009 to balance his budget.

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