City settles with family for motocross death

Terry and Kim Johnson, the parents of Casey Johnson, the teenager who sustained injuries to his head at the Boulder City Motocross track then later died at a hospital, settled their case with Boulder City for the death of their son instead of going to trial.

The Johnsons settled the case on Jan. 25, and Boulder City along with BCMX LLC, and former general managers Bryce Davis and Nicholle Davis, were ordered to pay $350,000 to the family for their son’s death, according to court documents.

The settlement dismissed the case with prejudice and made each party involved in the case responsible for their own attorney fees and costs.

Jessica Goodey, the Johnsons’ attorney, refused to comment on the case at this time.

The Eldorado Valley track has been closed since 2012, according to its website, after a new operator to manage the facility could not be found.

Kristian Stokes, who also operates the MX motocross park in Sandy Valley, was the only one who bid on the track in 2013. She was turned down because she did not meet multiple requirements. One of the biggest requirements she could not meet was being able to provide staffed private ambulances at the track for events.

The city has declined to comment on the settlement or provide any additional information about the case, which was originally filed in July 2012.

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