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Carolyn Schneider

Living with houseplants clears the air

Lowly houseplants may take a backseat to their hardy outdoor cousins when it comes to size. However, even a master gardener cannot deny their important place in our lives.

Finding the source of that tired feeling is a challenge

Members of the senior class are more active than their predecessors, thanks to medical advancements and good health guidelines. However, aging does manifest itself with a slower gait, diminished muscle strength and an energy level that seems to get lower all the time. These are some typical signals that our bodies send out around the time of retirement.

By being alert we can prevent being hurt

About a week ago my husband and I received a computer email message from some casual friends. In it, the couple stated that they were in London and had been robbed of everything except their passports. They asked if we could send them enough money to get back home to the U.S.