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The political system discourages civility

The first time I encountered Barbara Vucanovich, she took a dig at me. She was running for the U.S. House from the northern district. Nevada had just gotten a second district for the first time in state history.

Criticism of police response surprising

A police response Friday that drew six squad cars to McDonald’s on Nevada Highway drew surprising, to me anyway, mean-spirited attacked on the boys in blue on this newspaper’s Facebook page.

California schemers urge eminent domain abuse

As Nevada citizens are well aware, an awful lot of really bad liberal public policy ideas come out of our neighboring state to the west. Indeed, they don’t call California the “land of fruits and nuts” for nuthin’.

The steep price of silence

In 2005 after Congress intruded into a family dispute over life support for Theresa Schiavo, a Florida woman who was in a vegetative state, a Northern Nevada interfaith group called Clergy United for Moral Dialogue issued a statement denouncing Congress for exploiting a human tragedy.

BC schools by the numbers, not the hype

Boulder City residents like to pride themselves on the quality of the four public schools compared with the rest of the Clark County School District. You might say considering all the problems with the district, bragging about how good the schools are here comparatively is like bragging about having the tallest building in Topeka, Kan. Not really a strong pool to compare with.

The Latest
Sandoval launches ‘Big Lie’ re-election campaign

The “Big Lie” is a propaganda technique embraced by the communists in which the offending party tells a whopper so “colossal” that the public would refuse to believe anyone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

1917: A key to Obama’s policies

One of the best ways to determine the intent of the Obama administration in its treatment of the press is by looking at the law it is using. It’s called the Espionage Act of 1917, and therein lies a tale.

Another unbelievable Assembly GOP epic fail

As someone who has been chronicling and documenting the GOP’s habit of never blowing an opportunity to blow an opportunity for more than 20 years , even I was stunned at how Assembly Republicans choked on a slam-dunk opportunity in the final week of the 2013 Nevada legislative session.

Background checks on gun sales reduce crime, make public safer

Lawmakers are considering Senate Bill 221, which would require background checks for all gun sales in Nevada, with reasonable exceptions for family and certain temporary transfers. In an effort to prevent deadly weapons from falling into the wrong hands, I strongly support this legislation and I urge elected officials to stand with law enforcement by backing this common-sense measure.

It’s State Things time again

State Things are back in the news. This is not surprising. Anytime state legislatures are in session, the public faces a threat from new State Things.

Dr. Jekyll and Assemblywoman Hyde

You can count the number of philosophical, as opposed to rhetorical, conservatives serving in this year’s Nevada Legislature on one hand. Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R-Las Vegas) is one of them.

Buddy of big business: The Democratic Party

In the 1930s Walt Disney got into a wrangle with California state government and announced he was planning to move his studios to Nevada. There was great excitement in the Silver State.

Sacrificing Fourth Amendment on altar of popular opinion

The Assembly Judiciary Committee has voted to send to the floor Senate Bill 243, the Guilty-Until-Proven-Innocent bill. What this bill allows the government to do is take a sample of your DNA upon any arrest for an alleged felony offense.

Crossing back over line into land of malady

Well, it is that time again. Time to find out if this guy here is holding the emperor of maladies at bay, or if, well, not.