Mayor celebrated at gathering

Mayor celebrated at gathering

City officials and employees gathered at Forge Social House to pay tribute to outgoing Mayor Roger Tobler, who is bound by term limits from running again after his term expires this month.

City employees played a 30-minute video featuring more than 100 people from around Boulder City thanking Tobler for his service as mayor, as well as some well-known public officials.

U.S. Sen. Harry Reid kicked off the video by praising Tobler’s leadership on the Interstate 11 bypass around Boulder City.

“They say term limits are not good,” Reid said. “When the state of Nevada passed that, they made a big mistake.”

Congressman Joe Heck reeled off a list of Tobler’s accomplishments, quipping at the end that the next mayor will have “big shoes to fill both on and off the dance floor,” referring to Tobler’s appearance in last year’s Chamber of Commerce installation event’s “Dancing With the Stars” competition.

At the party itself, others were just as effusive.

“I agree that term limits have deprived us of great leadership,” Linda Faiss said. “However, I know that Rod Woodbury is going to do a great job. So we’re in good hands, in my opinion.”

Lorene Krumm, the city clerk, praised Tobler as honest, hardworking, quick-witted and with a great sense of humor. Krumm said he “has no ego whatsoever,” giving credit and accepting blame “even when he’s done all the work.”

Dr. Michael Ravitch, who has lived in Boulder City for 40 years, said he is disappointed Tobler is stepping down because he’s done a good job. When asked how Tobler rates among other Boulder City mayors he’s seen, Ravitch replied, “I don’t want to hurt any feelings, but he’s probably the best.”

Tobler downplayed the praise, saying it was a team effort and he “didn’t do these things alone.” He confessed to mixed feelings about the end of his tenure.

“It’s going to be hard to step away,” Tobler said. “But at the same time it’s nice to know there are great people there to keep it moving forward.”

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