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John L. Smith

Time to consider desalination is now

Drought-stricken Lake Mead keeps shrinking. The multibillion-dollar plan to pipe water from rural Nevada figures to be clogged in the courts for many years.

Patience may win fight for rural water

The Southern Nevada Water Authority’s vision of a pump and pipeline system from eastern rural counties to the thirsty Las Vegas Valley continues to be challenged in the courts on multiple fronts.

Save affirms rescuers’ role on mountain

To outsiders it must look like ideal duty: a fire station at the end of State Route 157 in upper Kyle Canyon; big pines, friendly neighbors, clean air and majestic Charleston Peak.

Sports, betting inextricably linked

The odds are good even the most perceptive bookmaker didn’t see this turnaround coming: U.S. Sen. John McCain speaking out in favor of expanding legalized sports betting in America.