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City Government

Process begins for solar rezoning Council also approves lease for energy storage facility

In a pair of actions that took a total of perhaps five minutes in a Boulder City Council meeting Tuesday that lasted nearly five hours, the city council approved the lease terms for a battery facility to be used for storing energy generated by existing solar panels. Also introduced was a potential action that would open up more than 783 acres in the Eldorado Valley for future solar development.

City opens process for energy storage facility

In a bit of a twist on the old saying, the preview of a potentially big development for Boulder City’s future in terms of both money and tech came packaged in a tiny, one-page bill introduced to the council last week.

The Latest
Tiny homes coming to Boulder City?

The Planning Commission is slated to consider changes to zoning in Boulder City that would allow for “tiny homes” (typically less than 400 square feet in size) to co-exist with mobile homes.

City signs on to new union agreements

The city recently agreed to new contracts with city employees represented by a pair of bargaining units of Teamsters Local 14. The Blue Collar Bargaining Unit represents dozens of city employees ranging from animal control officers to HVAC techs and wastewater workers. The Clerical Bargaining Unit, while smaller, still represents a range of employees from department secretaries to code enforcement officers to court clerks.

City will pay $220K more for insurance in FY2024

“It would be very helpful to explain if the 32% year-over-year increase is a blanket one affecting other jurisdiction similarly situated to Boulder City or if we are being singled out in some way.”

Dog park nears completion at Veterans’ Memorial

If all goes as planned, within the next two weeks, residents and visitors will have a new location for Bo, Logan, Luna and Buddy to play and interact with their four-legged friends.

Council votes to adopt $47M budget

As much as it is attractive for many people to compare a city budget to their own household budget, there is one fundamental difference that was noted multiple times when the City Council met to adopt the budget for fiscal year 2024.

Power rates, sources explained

The rate paid by Boulder City for power purchased on the open market rose from 3.945 cents per kWh in 2018 to 23.859 cents per kWh in 2023, an eye-popping increase of 500% or six times the 2018 cost. But what exactly does “open market” mean?

City Council agrees to raise utility rates

Power costs on the open market have gone from about 25 cents per kilowatt hour in 2018 to $1.56 per kilowatt hour today, a more than six-fold increase.

Commission honors historic home for Preservation Day

Boulder City is a town that takes its history seriously and that commitment will be on full display later this month as the city celebrates Historic Preservation Day.

Raising the (carport) roofs at City Hall

On a 3-0 vote, the Boulder City Historical Preservation Commission approved plans for new carport roofs in the parking lot adjacent to City Hall in their April 26 meeting.