Letters to the Editor, May 10

Time right to leave public service

To my Boulder City constituents:

After being your representative on the City Council for eight years and the (Nevada System of Higher Education) Board of Regents for nine years, I have decided to retire when my term is up in December. I want to express my appreciation for all your support, questions and comments over the years. Your opinions have been very important to me and have guided me many times.

As my replacement on the Board of Regents, I would encourage you to support Amy Carvalho. Amy has business, public service and education board experience, and I believe she would be an excellent regent.

Again, thank you all for your support over the past 17 years. I have truly enjoyed my time as an elected official and will miss many aspects of public service. Bruce and I will now have the opportunity to spend more time with the grandchildren and traveling but will always call Boulder City home.

Andrea Anderson

Actions show true lack of support

Actions speak louder than words. We say we “support the troops.” We say we want to attract young families to our community. We say we want businesses to be successful in our town. We say we want involvement from those passionate about community service. We say we care about our schools. We say we desire to support local businesses. Unfortunately, words don’t mean anything when the actions of many, and yes, maybe even you, don’t align with these catchy phrases.

They make us feel nice when we say them, but most don’t give it more thought past that. Have you given the less-qualified veteran the job or sought out a veteran-owned business in order to truly support them? Have you put your money where your mouth is and paid more to shop local? Have you worked toward a solution to attract young families and ensure they succeed in Boulder City?

The reality is that most like the feeling they get by saying they do these things while actively turning a blind eye to action. It’s beyond disheartening to see this time and time again in all areas and organizations within our town.

Unfortunately, there is price to pay for lack of commitment to those we “support.” If driving young families from our town is our goal, keep it up. If driving veterans to homelessness is our goal, keep it up. If completely eroding our education system is our goal, keep it up. If deterring involvement in our community is the goal, keep it up. Is what you’re actually doing helping or hurting those you seek to “support”?

Fritz McDonald