Letter to the Editor

Remember this name

After reading the article in last week’s paper about Devon Yslas, I knew I had to issue a warning.

Devon Yslas, if you’ll remember, is the guy that was arrested for the brutal murder, mutilation and torture of a number of innocent rabbits in Bootleg Canyon in September of last year.

He said that “… killing bunnies gives him a way to feel emotions.” Naturally, he was charged with over 20 crimes, but like what always happens, most of them were dismissed. He ended up with some community service and a few small fines.

For what this sick individual did he basically got a slap on the wrist. I would like all your readers to remember what his face looks like and to remember his name.

We haven’t heard the last from him. It’s been proven over the years that many serial killers and violent murderers start out with animals before they graduate to humans, but he will be back.

Like a number of shootings the last couple of years, the authorities know this guy is out there and what his mindset is, but will act surprised when he strikes again.

Jerry Berg