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Flip plan gets well-earned A

“I love it when a plan comes together.” So said John “Hannibal” Smith, the leader of the A-team, made famous by the eponymous movie and television series.

Together we must fight senseless killings

Orlando. Boston. Dallas. Baton Rouge. San Bernardino. We’re all familiar with those cities. Not because they are great cities, although they are. Not because they attract tourists, although they do. Not because they have played a role in our nation’s history, although they have.

Friends enhance our lives

It may have all started with Adam and Eve, depending on your theological outlook on life, but duos and the enduring power of a friendship seems to permeate our culture.

Damboree’s water zone a blast for all

Another page in the city’s history has been written and is in the books after Boulder City celebrated its 68th annual Damboree on Monday. And what a celebration it was.

Library lesson springs to life

The unspoken rule of whispering and hushed conversations was completely ignored Tuesday morning at Boulder City Library. Instead, squeals of delight — and disgust — echoed in the community room as things that slither, creep and crawl were brought out one by one.

Reasons to love our town plentiful

If you ever needed more proof that Southern Nevada — and Boulder City in particular — is an ideal place to live, this past week or so would be it.

Home more of a feeling than a place

One of the things I have lamented about missing the most since moving from Southern California to Nevada is the diversity of activities and environments within an hour or so’s drive.

Purple ribbons aim to inspire

If everything you see lately seems to have a purplish hue, you don’t need to have your eyes examined. That’s because local residents have been busy Painting the Town Purple to help raise awareness for the annual Relay For Life.

Meal program a lifesaver for many

There’s nothing like a home-cooked to bring a smile to one’s face. What’s even better is having it delivered by someone with an equally bright smile.

Spring greens bring hope

Every time I look out into my backyard I am reminded about the beauty and promises of hope that spring brings.

Credit union puts focus on its members

Soigna, pronounced "swan-yea," is a word that has been bandied about lately, especially in the world of fine dining about dishes that are elegantly designed. Its origin goes back to the French word soigner, which means "to take care of." In either...

Festival delivers on promise

It's Thursday morning, the historic Boulder Theatre has once again dimmed its lights and the 12th annual Dam Short Film Festival has shown its final movie. For a few days each February the town comes alive as filmmakers and film afficionados gather...

Tribute to film fun way to help others

Saturday I was swimming in a sea of Holly Golightlys and it seemed as if I had accidentally wandered into a Tiffany's store. Most of the women were wearing little black dresses and pearls a la the aspiring socialite in the classic film "Breakfast at...