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Campus carry law shot down again

The GOP’s historic takeover of the Nevada Legislature should have meant, at the very least, a budget without tax hikes and passage of gun rights bills that have been bottled up by anti-gun Democrats for years.

Initiative would close tax-hike loophole

It’s a law of human nature. If you give students a week to complete a term paper, they will take the full week to complete the term paper. If you give those same students a month, they’ll take the full month.

Goofs, goons deterrent bill long overdue

It was 22 years ago this month. A couple from California was visiting Las Vegas. They walked near a union picket line in front of the then-Frontier Hotel. Crazed picketers launched into a verbal assault on the couple. When the woman took offense, she was punched in the face. When her husband came to her defense, he had a beer mug smashed across his skull.

Citizens needed to ax tax now

In case you’re still not sure whether Gov. Brian Sandoval’s billion-dollar giga-tax hike is not only a bad idea but completely unnecessary, conservatives in the state Assembly have removed all doubt.

Congress’ actions may bring back gas lines

I was my 14-year-old daughter’s age when the first gas lines appeared in 1973, thanks to the newly created Mideast oil cartel that we would soon be know as OPEC and President Richard Nixon’s ill-advised effort at government control of oil prices.

Obama resurrects death tax, targets family farmers

If there’s anything more quintessentially American than baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet, it’s the American family farmer. Indeed, the American Gothic painting of a pitchfork-wielding farmer and his daughter is one of the most recognized works of art in all of American culture.

Eloquent or not, Fiore stands by sentiment

Liberals are having a veritable cow after The New York Times printed the following quote by conservative Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, R-Clark, with regard to the reintroduction of her campus carry bill.

Free speech victory leaves more work to be done

My nonprofit grass roots advocacy organization recently won a huge free speech victory in a Nevada Supreme Court case, but the work of defending our First Amendment rights against government infringement marches on.

Look out, here comes the ‘Gruber’ tax

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be surprised one iota if Jonathan Gruber himself hasn’t been hired to craft the propaganda campaign that’s underway to pass Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval’s (R&R Partners) 2015-17 budget.

Fiore fury doused with facts

At my request, conservative Republican Assembly Majority Leader Michele Fiore, R-Las Vegas, set up a meeting for me with her accountant so I could review and seek clarity on this whole brouhaha related to Internal Revenue Service tax liens filed against her business.

Hambrick moves from doghouse to penthouse

In 2013 he was sentenced to the “bad boy” room in the Nevada Legislature. Next year he’ll have the best office in the building, including his own private washroom and a dozen political handmaidens at his beck and call.